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First, let me introduce myself.  My name is Quincy Gow.  I am a former film worker, portrait photographer, writer, and web designer.  I'm originally from Michigan, lived in NYC, LA, Chicago, and a few other places, but have settled on Pittsburgh as my "porridge just right" town. Having the recent downtime of 2020, I started exploring making candles and soaps, something I only read about doing, but never tried to pull off myself.  Turns out, I'm pretty good at it!

I currently concentrate mostly on soaps and candles, all containing hemp derivatives in some way. Given Hemp's versatility, it doesn't limit me creatively.  It doesn't contain any psychoactive elements like THC or CBD, found in other cannabis strains.  I also support eco-friendly cash crops for farmers. Hemp fits that bill.  Wanting to use my business to support something I believe in only seemed natural, so here we are!

Our Soap:
We use a cold process using only frozen Hemp milk, instead of water, adding to the benefits of the nutrients in the hemp plant.  Other ingredients include coconut oil, shea butter, avocado oil, high oleic Canola oil, and that's it!
The result is a highly moisturizing and healing bar of soap.  Our top seller is our dye-free, scent-free "The Bar" for these benefits and it's great for sensitive skin types.

Our Candles:
We only use organic 100% soy wax for a cleaner burning, longer lasting candle.

Environmental Pledge:

As a company, hi represents a sustainable, environmentally conscious production model. This will include the eventual elimination of any and all harmful plastics or non-biodegradable items from the production line to its eventual unboxing. We will also continue using methods which reduce water use and electricity from fossil fuels in our process as much as possible. We will continue to display the versatility of hemp and advocate for it's growth. Hemp is a naturally environmentally safer option than many other crops. So we will continue to advocate for its cultivation and accessibility to farmers as well as consumers.

Other Benefits of Hemp (Economic and Environmental):

-Currently there is a growing market for hemp based products that is concurrent with a cultural shift that has broadened the understanding that hemp is a separate crop from other plants in the cannabis family.

-Hemp is only one strain of cannabis which contains no THC, CBD, or psychoactive properties.

-Hemp uses less water and little to no pesticides to grow. In turn, there is less waste runoff into local water supplies, as well being a less impactful drain on those same resources.

-With a higher level of CO2 intake than most plants, it is estimated that for every ton of hemp grown, 1.63 tons of CO2 is taken from the atmosphere, thus making the air significantly cleaner.

-Hemp’s roots reach deep down into the soil. This both helps to hold the soil together, reducing erosion, and to loosen the soil, allowing more delicate plants to grow afterward.

-Hemp produces high quantities of biomass (a matter which returns to the soil and decomposes, feeding nutrients back into the ground). For this reason, hemp is often grown in rotation with winter crops, which require high-quality soil.

-Hemp plants are able to grow in contaminated soil without any ill effects, absorbing the heavy metals and toxins into the plants themselves, thus cleaning the soil for future crops.

-Hemp has been re-establishing wide acceptance again as a reliable, easy to grow crop with many uses and benefits.

-Recorded history of Hemp growth dates back over 10,000 years.

hi Hemp-Infused crafts currently exists as a small craft shop on Etsy, with selections in select local stores, as well as in-person at one of the many markets & fairs we can get to, which has sustained itself for well over a year with virtually no advertising, outside of social media posts, and great reviews. We also offer wholesale and custom orders as well!

 This shop was not based on hemp, but quality, handcrafted items. 

 The difference that sets us apart is our approach of creating the best product first, then figuring out how Hemp can improve that product. We want to attract a wide variety of customers from the high-end salons looking for the best ingredients, to regular people who just want a good soap that doesn't cost too much.

As Hemp is so versatile, this does not limit us creatively. By further normalizing industrial hemp via displaying the highest end crafts, combined with efforts to balance the final cost to appeal to the widest income bracket, we can now effectively expand this little operation. With my small team and I, we have something that will stand out amongst the crowd as a superior product from a conscious company in terms of the environment, advocacy, and customer satisfaction.

Thanks again for visiting!!! 
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Quincy Gow
Maker-of-Stuff / Dishwasher / Owner
hi Hemp-Infused Crafts

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